Things I’ve worked on.


Hack the North

Hack the North is Canada’s largest international hackathon hosted at the University of Waterloo. As one of the organizers for Hack the North 2015, I worked on various API endpoints in order to build the registration platform from the ground up. Also, I built the server used for mobile notifications throughout the event.

Tetris AI

I built a simple Tetris AI trained using genetic algorithms and neuro-evolution. Check out a demo of the trained AI here.


Groovie is a project I worked on throughout HackWestern 2015. It is an app that applies sentiment analysis on tweets to provide movie reviews.

To check out more of my software projects, visit my GitHub.


Software Defect Prediction

Under the supervision of Dr. Lin Tan and her graduate students, I experimented with various deep learning models applied to software defect prediction. Particularly, by using features generated by a deep belief network and a feedforward neural network classifier, I was able to match state of the art results for within-project defect prediction. I am currently working on feature generation for commit-level defect prediction.

Computational Finance for Mobile

I worked with Dr. Justin Wan to build the first version of an Android app that is used for running and visualizing stock portfolio simulations. Throughout the course of the project, I learned about portfolio rebalancing methods and their implementation.